In Gratitude To My Mentor
Amelia Kinkade

                        "I give her "four paws up!" 

                               - Amelia kInkade                         


"Lisa Brown is an extraordinarily gifted Animal Communicator, and a wise, compassionate communicator for humans as well. I am so honored to be her teacher, and to be able to call her my first Language of Miracles Certified Interspecies Translator, because Lisa is without contest one of the most talented psychics I have ever tutored.  I have witnessed over twenty of her successes as she has helped animal lovers around the world. Lisa is as gentle and loving as she is gifted, so I trust her judgment and delivery of valuable information when people and animals are in need." 


About Amelia Kinkade: 

Amelia Kinkade is the most globally-celebrated Animal Communication teacher in the world. She is the author of six books, including Straight From The Horse's Mouth

The Language of Miracles, and Whispers From The Wild.


She is founder of ArK Angel Society, an educational non-profit that visits schools in Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa to enlighten about the dangers of poaching.