Client Reviews:

Rachel B.

Clive, IA

Lisa Gave Me Unique Insights…

"Lisa truly has a gift. With only a picture, she was able to hear from each of them. I was having some behavioral issues with one, but after implementing what she told me he needed, those issues stopped completely. My second dog was barking a lot. Lisa told me he felt like his job was protecting us, especially from “an orange cat”. How could she have known we have a big orange cat that sometimes prowls through or around our yard?


But probably the most amazing revelation was that my youngest dog told her that our oldest had “a bad foot” and it hurt for him to walk. We didn’t notice anything unusual at the time, but a few months later we found out that he had a painful growth in one of his toes. After taking care of it, he feels better than he has since before Lisa did the reading!


Lisa gave me unique insights into what my dogs need to be happy and healthy, and she did it all from a distance. She has a special talent and I would recommend her to anyone with a pet."

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Elaine L.
Peoria, Il
He is Much More Loving and Calm…

"I spoke with Lisa about my daughter's kitten, Nelson. He had been attacking her with both his teeth and claws often enough that at times she was scared of him. Lisa, however, did not know this. She asked only for his age, sex, name and a photo. After speaking with Nelson her insights were exactly on target. She knew details of Nelson's life that I didn't know until I conveyed our conversation to my daughter. I am still dumbfounded! Lisa offered specific advice on Nelson's wants and needs and did so in a warm and compassionate manner. My daughter has done her best to fulfill these needs by following Lisa's suggestions. Nelson's behavior has changed radically. He is much more loving and calm and much, much happier. We are all grateful for Lisa's exceptional gifts. My experience with Lisa was truly extraordinary."

Marcia L.

Neenah, WI

"Lisa absolutely blows me away each time she communicates with one of my animals.  Her latest session with Prince, my 13 year- old Mangalarga Marchador gelding was no exception.  


Prince was not himself but my only clue was that he would take a step back or to the side when I tried to mount. He was sending me a message but I didn't know what it was.  


Lisa connected with him and had quite a chat. He told her that when I came to ride lately, I was "like the wind blowing in two directions at once".  He asked me to just "be" in his presence and let our energies "calibrate".   He also asked to get rid of the bit as it wasn't necessary.  He relayed that he wasn't feeling good, but if he was out on pasture  he would be able to eat what he needed....dandelion greens.  He said that he needed his blood to be cleansed...a liver cleanse.


Because Lisa was able to give me specifics, I was able to attend to his needs.  We went bit-less immediately, and without incident I might add.  I found organic dandelion greens in my local grocery store...something that had never been on the shelves before. I put him on an herbal liver cleanse and could feel his demeanor change within days. I made more time for my visits to the barn.  I just chilled out with Prince and it made a huge difference.  Now, he is once again standing motionless at the mounting block.  


Lisa is truly amazing, always "spot on" and  able to get such detailed information from the animals she communicates with. This allows the pet moms and dads to make changes if necessary  for the health and well being of the animal.  There is no more guessing.  The animals have messages for us and I am forever grateful to have Lisa  to deliver them."

Jillian I.
San Diego, CA
A Cross Country Move With My Two Cats…

“I was packing up my life to move across country with my two cats. Everything was in boxes and I wanted to make sure we were all equipped for the journey. After meeting with Lisa, I felt more prepared then ever. Her insights and interpretations of the conversations she had with my girls was SO HELPFUL!


She communicated to me how my cats were dealing with the moving process and the advice they had for me. One of them asked for a leash to keep them safe (remarkably that cat is the only one that likes wearing the harness and actually brings it to me so she can go outside at our new home!!). The other cat asked to stay, that she was not convinced the move would be good for her (that cat got quite sick from the stress of the move and took over a month to recover fully).


They both expressed a deep dislike for a man who, it turns out, was wickedly unfaithful to me and they gave me advice on how to “weed out the rats” in the future. And, funniest part: Lisa told me about how much my youngest cat wanted a box of dirt in the house. Honestly…a BOX OF DIRT! After arriving at our new home, I put both cats into their harnesses to hang out in the yard and where does the youngest beeline? TO A PILE OF DIRT!! No joke. She loves the stuff. Rolls in it every time she goes out. I would have never believed it to be true.”

- Geri M.,
Milwaukee, WI
The Story of Gracie and Rally:
If Only They Could Talk…And They Can!

"Gracie adopted us when she was 10 months old through a friend who had her littermate sister. How lucky for us to have this very sweet, intelligent, sensitive, high energy pup and know her parents and litter mates. We knew her history and we formed the Doodle Nation, a group of lucky humans and the most amazing litter of Labordoodles, aka The Wonder Dogs!


On November 15, 2015, Gracie the Wonder Dog was diagnosed with a large tumor in her abdomen; devastating news. All of the x-rays, ultra sounds, CT Scans, blood test and numerous discussions with the very best experts, gave us all the information we needed on her prognosis and next steps. What we didn’t have was what Gracie thought.


Our friend, who brought us Gracie, recommended I talk with Lisa and perhaps she could give us some insight on what Gracie was thinking. I have to be honest, I was a bit speculative but thought, “why not, it can’t hurt. If it’s whacky so be it but maybe not”. I gave Lisa a call.


Lisa asked for a few pictures of Gracie and instructed me to let Gracie know that it was ok to talk to her. She never met Gracie, did not know that Gracie was the littermate of our mutual friends dog, did not know she was rescued, nothing about her.


A week or so later we got the report. We were astounded at the accuracy of the information she shared, simple details like her favorite meal, places to play, best dog and human pals (by name!), things that make her happy, etc. There is simply no way Lisa would have known those details. She further shared messages she received about the current situation. That she was not in pain, she loved her job of watching over my Mom, she loved taking care of us and she would let us know when it was time, but not yet!


Lisa helped us understand we made the right decision, quality versus time. We were told by the vets, 3 to 4 weeks. Gracie led a full and active life for 4 more months! And she did exactly what Lisa had predicted, she left on her terms when it was right and she let us know. “


Rally. “I received a call that a good friend had passed away and could we take his dog, Rally. I loved Rally but it was really bad timing, My dog Gracie had just passed and my Mom was needing help which required travel. I agreed to foster him until we could find the forever home.


I knew Rally since the day he was adopted from the Humane Society at 4 months, he is now 11. His humans separated 4 – 5 years ago and I knew he was loved but not getting the best care. When we took him in I wondered what he was thinking. He had been taken to the shelter when his owner died, he looked neglected and certainly confused.


Again I reached out to Lisa, maybe she could fill in the blanks for me. Oh, did she ever! Suspicions of neglect were confirmed, what he endured over the past few years, what he really wanted and missed were so accurate and it really helped us help him through this transition.


She explained that he had become like a service dog for someone who was incapacitated in many ways, physically and mentally and was ready to play again. We found the perfect forever home for Rally Boy based on that information. He wanted to play with other dogs, run, swim and snuggle again! He is happy, living on a lake with two other dogs and a few cats and has his own couch! Having these details for his new humans was invaluable as they welcomed him into the pack!


And if all of that was not enough… During her report on Rally, Lisa said she had heard from Gracie. She was not sure how to tell me but Gracie wanted me to know that she was fine, had several jobs (dogs like having a job!), her spirit is by the lilac tree and that she would be there when my Mom arrived. I was not sure what that part about my Mom meant, until 2 months later when she passed unexpectedly. Yes they can talk!”

Kristy M. 

Milwaukee, WI

A Special Gift From Callie...

​"I reached out to Lisa after a friend had mentioned her special talents. I wanted to know if my dog, Callie was happy with her current living arrangements. Lisa not only put my worries to rest, but was able to tell me very specific details about what Callie likes and dislikes. She was also able to provide special messages from Callie, "Security is just an illusion" and "Let go more and life will become richer." A little more than a week later, my position was eliminated at a company where I had worked for almost 10 years. 


Sadly, Lisa also relayed a message that Callie was going to be "gone in the spring". That message stuck with me as I was trying to come up with every possible explanation other than the one I knew it meant. 

I contacted Lisa again three months later, so I could hear from Callie and try to begin the healing process. The way Lisa talked about Callie, the airiness of her voice and messages brought relief and calmness. Telling me that Callie was no longer suffering, and how joyful she was to be running! Running, running, running, as fast as she could! And what touched me the most, was that Lisa mentioned how much Callie loved the rose gold heart necklace I got in remembrance of her. Lisa has a special gift and I'm forever grateful for the messages I received."

Michelle B. 

Animal Communicator

Rochester, MN

She Knew His History...

"When Lisa spoke to our beloved Golden Retriever, Foster, who joined the realm of heaven several years ago, the information she was able to share with us was both breathtaking and heartwarming. She not only knew his history before he came to live with us, but also how he passed and why. He also shared with her some of the illnesses I had at the time and how he had so willingly taken some of that burden off of me. Even in his final breaths, he did his absolute best to help me heal. Foster had a heart of gold and so does Lisa. It is a blessing to have Lisa in my life and in the lives of the animals I so dearly love."


Julia A.

Oak Creek, WI

The Need For One On One Time…

"After speaking with Lisa, it was clear that she not only has love and respect for animals but truly connects with them in a way that I as a pet owner am unable to. After having our first child, she gave me great insight as to what my vizsla, Primo, needed from us during this time of transition. During our talk, she gave many specific details about Primo’s personality, likes and dislikes, and feelings. All were accurate (I’m still amazed that she knew his favorite thing is going to the Culver’s drive through!) and helped my husband and I better meet the needs of Primo.


One thing that she mentioned was since the birth of our daughter, Primo misses having one on one time with me. I would have never guessed that he had this feeling or needed this. We thought we were giving him extra attention (ample play time, walks, interactions) but never considered the need for one on one. Since my conversation with Lisa, I make it a priority to spend alone time with Primo and can tell the difference in his behavior and temperament. He is overall a happier dog. Without this information, he wouldn’t be the dog he is today and I am very grateful to Lisa!”

Frank and Sally Jane

Boulder, Co

The Circle of Life...

"The minute Lisa started communicating with Oliver, well before we had ever spoken, his energy shifted into a more balanced and easy space.

Oliver gave us enormous peace of heart and mind knowing that his transition from amazing health through illness and into death, was Oliver’s choice, and that he was OK with everything. We witnessed his abounding grace, dignity and openness to  love largely due to Lisa's kind, clear and attuned forwarding of his messages. He affirmed, and further awakened in us that animals are one with the Circle of Life, and from there do not look upon death as we humans do."



Denver, Co


Lisa Incorporates the Spiritual Aspects...


"You are in for a treat when you schedule a reading with Lisa. I love how she incorporates the spiritual aspect of the animal / guardian relationship. Our dog gave Lisa lots of great information to help us understand our dog better, and her behavior in several areas of concern has already shifted as a result of the reading. Her insights were also very revealing for both my husband and me. She is definitely our "go to" animal communicator. "

Judy C.
New Berlin, WI

Charlie's Transition

January 18, 2006 ~ June 27, 2019

The Transition session was extremely beneficial for our family and our younger dog to prepare, understand, accept, and let go of our best friend and companion, which occurred one week later.  

Lisa's gift of animal communication gave our elderly dog, Charlie, the ability to share his thoughts and wishes for him and for us.

He reminded us to continue to find lightness and joy as our lives continue without him.  Our younger dog, Harvey, was able to express his needs and concerns as well.  

We felt his love, comfort, and peace.  That is what he asked us to do.  


Monica G.
Anaheim, CA
"Lisa was a great instrument in helping me understand my doggies. My doggies had so much to say. Lisa told me things that only my doggies would know. This was truly amazing. I have made some positive changes and I can definitely see the difference in my doggies’ lives. They smile more and they have an extra pep in their step. Thank you so much."