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About Lisa



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Lisa is an internationally-experienced Animal Communicator, Evidential Medium, Energy Healing Enthusiast, and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. She is a graduate of Amelia Kinkade's Language of Miracles Institute, and has studied with wild species on safari in Africa, with whales and dolphins in Hawaii, whispering with horses in Colorado and The Southwest USA, and

has delivered hundreds of messages

for domesticated dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and various other animals (and reptiles!) from all around the world.

Lisa has trained extensively with some of the world's most recognized psychics and mediums to develop her intuitive gifts.  

She enjoys helping people and their animals by honoring their unique mind-body-spirits, and sharing the messages that our beloved animals and loved ones in spirit have for us.

My Story

I fell in love with animals of all kinds at a very young age; from our beloved family pets, to the feral cats that roamed the barns on my grandparent’s farm in Iowa where I spent many memorable summers. 


I enjoyed a long and successful career working in the goal-driven, 24/7 environment, of the wine and spirits wholesale trade. I fine-tuned my senses

as a Certified Sommelier, and pursued my natural athleticism with a passion.


As an outlet for stress, I started practicing yoga and meditation. In 2005 I became

certified to teach yoga.

A Cat

I’m fond of saying I was rescued by a wise old teacher cat named Princess who came to live with me. When I visited a local animal communicator to help understand her better, Princess told us that it was possible for me to talk with animals, too. Crazy!


This special relationship with Princess

not only healed and opened my heart, it unexpectedly switched on the animal channel.  I began to receive the thoughts and feelings of animals, and a whole new world cracked open!

A Cold

On a yoga retreat in a remote village of 

India in 2004, I was introduced to the healing wisdom of Ayurveda after

becoming sick with a chest cold. An Ayurvedic remedy quickly relieved my suffering, and I returned to the US eager

to learn all I could about this ancient

holistic medicine.

In 2014 I completed Ayurveda Practitioner Certification from Kanyakumari Ayurveda in Glendale, Wisconsin. The gifts of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and Spirit opened the windows to a life with more well being.

A Calling 

Who would have imagined that getting a

cat and a cold would so dramatically shift the trajectory of my life?  It was not at all what I had "planned".  


I left a long career in wine sales to

pursue the path of my Soul:  Helping others heal with Animal and Spirit 

Communication, Energy Healing, and Ayurveda. I learn something new from 

each animal and spirit I work with, while Ayurveda provides a template for living well.

Harmony, Greater Health, and Divine Purpose are available to each and every

one of us when we learn to listen, live in tune with our animals and the natural

cycles of life, and choose LOVE.

Abundant blessings,

Lisa 🐾