Meet Kapha

Earth and Water Type
Translucent Kapha:
  • Is genuinely  motivated to help and embrace others without a need for self gain.

  • Is able to be both a support beam and devoted lover to their mate.

  • Is a force of endurance, sensuality, and procreation.

  • Becomes a Universal Builder.


The Kapha Animal:
  • Is solid and heavily-built, has large eyes, and a thick, heavy coat.

  • Is likely to get respiratory troubles, allergies, weight gain, cysts, tumors, and joint pain.

  • Is mild-mannered, sleeps a lot, is very dependent on those they love, dislikes change, and can get possessive and gluttonous.

  • Benefits from regular exercise, emotional warmth, and a light diet. 

Kapha Attributes:


  • Cold, wet, heavy, static, dense, dull.

  • Has a solid or voluptuous structure and presence.

  • Smooth, porcelain or pale, thick skin that barely wrinkles,  large eyes, and long lashes.

  • Thick, luxurious hair.

  • Sweet nature, bright smile, great hugger, heavy and slow in movement.

  • Tolerant, patient, empathetic, easy-going: they make  excellent cheerleaders for other people!

  • Kaphas take a long time to go in and out of balance.

Kapha Stuck In The Mud:
  • Gets cozy on the couch and puts on excess weight.

  • Hopes someone else will take care of things.

  • Develops mucus conditions, heaviness, swelling, and can accumulate excessive possessions.

  • Can hold a grudge forever and ever.


Suggestions for the Kapha Person:


  • Needs lightness and to let go of over-attachment to stuff and emotions.

  • Needs to skip a meal once in a while to stimulate true appetite.

  • Needs the company of strategic Pittas and lively Vatas.

  • Needs to say “no” once in a while.