Meet Pitta

Fire Type
A Heroic Pitta:
  • Asks the tough questions.

  • Excels in athletics, sales, leadership, and politics.

  • Transforms arrogance and ego into cool radiance.

  • Is a catalytic force and visionary pioneer for our planet.


The Pitta Animal:
  • Is handsome, strong, and less hairy than Vata, with sharp or pointed features and penetrating eyes.

  • Tends towards indigestion, diarrhea, eye problems, skin problems, inflammation, overheating, fevers, and aggression.

  • Is focused, energetic, and nocturnal; has a strong need to dominate and may not back down.

  • Benefits from positive play, social interaction, cool water, cool temperatures, and a person with a firm Alpha presence. 

Pitta Attributes:
  • Hot, sharp, oily, mobile, and smooth.

  • Has a medium and muscular build, oily, sweaty, and usually runs on the hot side.

  • Sharp and angular facial features with penetrating eyes.

  • Receding hairline or early gray (from constant thinking). 

  • Analytical nature, well-organized, and they want proof!

  • High-performer, overloaded with tasks, focused and to the point.

  • Pittas go in and out of balance at a moderate rate.


A Pitta "En Fuego":
  • Gets rosy skin, heartburn, inflammation, headaches, skin eruptions, diarrhea, impatience, and road rage.

  • Suffers burnout from burning the candle at both ends.

  • Might hurt feelings with a sharp communication style.

  • Blames others instead of themselves.


Suggestions for the Pitta Person:
  • Needs cool breezes and water, Mother Nature, relaxation, sweetness, and more spare time.

  • Needs less salt, sour, heat, caffeine, spirits, and late nights, and more cool, fresh foods with plenty of water.

  • Needs to remember that others have good ideas, too.

  • Needs less competition and more “chill”.