Meet Vata

Space and Air Type 
A Glorious Vata:
  • Attracts others with their positive energy, sweet nature, and contagious enthusiasm.

  • Makes an excellent teacher, designer, artist, dancer, and actor.

  • Offers compassion to others with objectivity and belief.

  • Is the heart (and drama!) of an organization.

The Vata Animal:
  • Is physically lean, light, and delicate. Restless energy; excitable or agitated, and easily takes on the tensions of their environment.

  • Is prone to constipation, bloating, back pain, arthritis, dry skin and coat, noise phobias, anxiety, excessive vocalization, nervous problems, and digestive troubles.

  • Has a strong need for emotional and physical warmth.

  • Benefits from oil, lap time, quiet, and thrives on regular routines.

Vata Attributes: 
  • Cold, dry, light, mobile, subtle, and rough.

  • Has a slender physique with a lack of insulation.

  • Oval-shaped face, long neck, long nose, thin lips, dry, frizzy or kinky hair, and prominent bones and joints.

  • Delicate in nature, both physically and emotionally.

  • Moods change easily; they talk fast, talk with their hands, walk fast, create, multi-task, and worry a lot.

  • Spontaneous, gracious, spiritual, excitable, quick thinkers, and quick forgetters.

  • Vatas go out of balance very quickly.


Vata Without a Kite String:


  • Suffers anxiety, worry, panic, forgetfulness, and fatigue.

  • Gets dry skin and hair, variable appetite, constipation, tics, tremors, fidgeting, cold, depression, and pain.

  • Is chronically late, misses the details, and overreacts.

  • Develops self doubt.

Suggestions for the Vata Person:
  • Needs structure, warmth, quiet, positive stimulus, reliable people, and grounding to make up for lack.

  • Needs plenty of healthy fats, oil, sleep, and nurture to counterbalance dry, cold, mobile, and rough.

  • Needs space to breathe and move; clean and uncluttered.

  • Needs to slow down, move less, and develop faith.