"Is Your Animal Trying To Tell You Something?"

Greater Health, Harmony, and Understanding for yourself

and your animal

with Animal Communication,

The Ancient Healing Wisdom of 

Ayurveda, and Energy Medicine

Meet Lisa Brown 

Lisa seeks to help people and animals by honoring 

their unique mind, body, and spirits.


She is an internationally-experienced Animal Communicator, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner,  

Reiki Master Teacher, and practitioner of HealingTouch For Animals®.

Lisa has a gift for communication. The modifications I have made in our lives have made all of us happier and healthier.

I am so glad we got the opportunity to talk with her.

Jillian I.

San Diego, CA

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After seeing many doctors and specialists and getting no results, I developed an interest in Ayurveda and met with Lisa. She taught me that your body knows how to heal itself if you only listen to what it is asking for.

Sheilah M.

Appleton, WI

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Animal Communication


Ancient Healing Wisdom

Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals®
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