How To Prepare For An Animal Communication Session:

1. After you have booked your session, please send two photos of each animal(s) with their eyes (windows of the Soul) clearly facing the lens, and a body shot, along with their name, sex, age, and location. Even if we are planning to have a live animal session or do energy work, it is helpful for me to tune into the animal’s energy field with a photo before I meet with them.

2. Please send a list of your questions, concerns, and pertinent facts without too much detail.

3. Please let the animal know I will be talking with them and give them your permission to share.  

I always ask permission to speak with your animals. Often a communication becomes clearer once the animal has your blessing, and knows what to expect.

4. I don’t email responses, or record our call (It's fine for you to do so with prior permission) so I encourage you to take good notes while we talk. Sometimes the communication might take some discussion or more time to understand fully. I share what I get even if it seems random or unusual. People regularly get back to me about something from the initial conversation that only made sense to them later on, so keep an open mind. 

5. For emergency situations that require immediate feedback, please reach out to me via phone or email to arrange a session. I will do my best to accommodate you sooner if I can.

6. Your animal is opening themselves to sharing with you, so please do your best to respect their perspective and honor their wishes as much as possible. Healthy relationships are built upon trust, and often an animal just needs to feel heard before they will change a behavior. Not unlike most people!

7. Thank your animal for being willing to share and tell them how much you unconditionally love them “just as they are”.  The same way they love you!

Note:  I am not a veterinary medical doctor. Any health- related messages conveyed to you should be addressed with a vet or other licensed animal healthcare practitioner before taking any action.