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Lisa Brown Psychic Pet Medium

Loved Ones In Spirit

Mediumship For Pets and People
Lisa Brown Psychic Medium
Lisa Brown Psychic Medium

People and Pets in Spirit

Evidential Mediumship

"Love is the bridge"

Remote Sessions

30-40 Minutes / $80  

In-Person Sessions

60 Minutes / $90

"My heart swells and my eyes tear up..."

"I was just reviewing the recording and notes I took from my call with Lisa, and I am so struck by how spot-on her revelations were! I’m naturally skeptical, but the uncanny accuracy of what she saw/said is undeniable. Lisa didn’t know anything about me prior to our call and yet her descriptions of those who came through - my parents, grandparents, and others - were absolutely detailed, specific and accurate!  Also, the messages from them reflected the personalities and concerns I recognize. It makes me feel so grateful and at peace that my heart swells and my eyes tear up!  Thank you so much Lisa!”


                            -Kathleen H. , Michigan                     

"We lost both our cat and dog within six months of each other. Lisa did a reading with each of them after they had passed. Both communicated very specific and rather unusual details to Lisa, helping me to know it was really them. It was so interesting to hear from them, and very comforting to learn that their spirits do continue."

- Jean W. , Milwaukee, WI

Animal Communication with Pets Who Have Passed...
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