Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?


Flower Essences are the problem solving electrical patterns of flowers, stabilized in a Red Shiso herbal base. They offer healing information for human and animal systems to copy in order to make their own adjustments in their health and energetic well-being.

Flower essences are not chemical remedies or aromatherapy, and they contain no plant material. They do not change body chemistry and have no negative side effects. 

Good Vibrations


Our electrical systems read and learn from electrical data all day. Most of us seek high-vibration places, people, and things because these vibrations help us evolve as well as feel healthy and happy.

Flower essences provide exactly this kind of information for you and your animal to solve problems and experience a greater sense of well- being. Each flower carries and offers the wisdom of what it has learned in its evolutionary journey in nature; there is a flower that has tackled just about every problem humans and animals confront.

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences:
The Animal Wellness Collection
How Do You Use Flower Essences?


There are many ways to work with flower essences: You can put them in the animal’s water to drink, put them directly in their mouth or food, rub them on their paw pads or tips of their ears, or add them to a bath. A couple of drops a few times a day is usually ample. It may take a little longer for rescue animals to show results owing to their damaged energetic systems, so you might need to be consistent and patient.

.5 fl oz bottle = aprox. 300 drops

Rescue Animals


There is no group on the planet that can benefit more from Flower Essences than rescue animals. Early trauma and abuse deeply affects their electrical wiring and causes them to have great difficulty being present in their post rescue life experiences. Flower Essences support healing exactly where the damage has been done, in the animal's electrical system.



Are Flower Essences Safe?


Flower essences are extremely safe and gentle. They are information, not chemical, and you can’t take too much or use too many different types together. Any information that is not needed by the body is not used. Flower essences can do no harm.

Located in Northern New Hampshire, Green Hope Farm was founded over 25 years ago by nature spiritualist and gardener Molly Sheehan to create healing essences with the highest of vibrations.  


Green Hope flower essences are made from the organic flowers of fruit trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, herbs, wildflowers, and vegetables from gardens on the farm, and from select gardens of great light, healing power, and beauty all over the globe.


From start to finish, Molly involves the highest sources of spiritual guidance and wisdom to support her creation of these amazing flower essences. 

.5 fl oz bottle = aprox. 300 drops / $13.97*   *shipping included