What are Doshas?

What Are Doshas?
  • Doshas are the three main governing bodies of elements in Ayurveda, and they are called Vata (Space and Air), Pitta (Fire and Water) , and Kapha (Water and Earth).

  • Each person (and animal) is born with a unique balance of the Doshas which determines their physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.

  • The Doshas govern not only our bodies, but also the seasons, the times of day, and the cycles of life.


  • When Doshas are in balance in the body, one experiences well-being. When Doshas are imbalanced in the body, they create dis-ease.


Space & Air:

Moves Things

  • Vata is the energy of movement. Vata is subtle, cold, moves quickly, and is unstable.

  • Vata is responsible for our every move, both subtle and gross; our heart beat, blood circulation, eyes blinking, body parts moving, nervous energy, the nervous system, mental fluctuations, and the breath.


Vata Season: Fall and early winter are the Vata times of the year when 

cold and dry qualities predominate. 

Vata Times of Day:  

2pm - 6pm: Best time for mental and creative energy because the nervous system is most active.


2am - 6am: Best time to sleep deeply and the wake with the sunrise. In traditional cultures this was a time for yoga, meditation, and prayer.


Vata Time Of Life: Older age begins to dry and decay the bodily tissues. 

One begins to look inward, reflect, share wisdom, and connect with 

the spiritual and ethereal side of life.



Fire & Water: 

Transforms Things

  • Pitta is the energy of metabolism and transformation. It is hot,

       sharp, fiery, masculine, and will            transform anything in its path.

  • Pitta is responsible for the digestion and transformation of our food, thoughts, emotions, and intelligence.


  • Pitta is the flame of our digestive fire; it governs the liver, the eyes, the skin, the blood, and the small intestine.

Pitta Season: The great heat of summer is Pitta season. The sun stimulates the metabolism of life and summer is a time of the greatest growth.

Pitta Times of Day:

10am - 2pm:  Fire is at a peak. This is the best time to eat your biggest meal, and to eat wheat and dairy, when digestive fire is at its highest.

10pm - 2am: This is the best time to be sleeping. The lymphatic channels and liver are detoxing;  if you are consistently still awake during his period, the body's natural detox process is disturbed.

Pitta Time of Life: The years from puberty to retirement are governed by Pitta.  This is a time for action, productivity, fertility, and accumulation. 


Water & Earth:

Stabilizes and Lubricates Things

  • Kapha is the energy of structure and lubrication. It is cool, moist, feminine, and stable.

  • Kapha is responsible for keeping our tissues strong and stable. Kapha is mucus, lubrication, synovial fluid, reproductive fluid, nurture, and immunity. 





Kapha Season: Late winter and spring with their cold, damp, and heavy qualities, are associated with Kapha dosha.  

Kapha Times of Day:

6am - 10am: This is the best time for exercise and physical labor. Getting up with the sun supports strength and uplifted energy. 

6pm - 10pm:  This is the ideal time to relax and prepare for a restful sleep while cortisol levels are dropping.

Kapha Time of Life: The Kapha stage starts at conception until the end of the growing years, around age 15-19. It is a time of physical growth, when physical and emotional nourishment are needed to build a solid foundation for life.