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Colorful Lights

Life Path &

     Soul Color Readings

Eagle Flying

  In A Time of Uncertainty...


"I needed to remove some of the noise in my head. I felt stuck and I needed a little guidance.  I asked Lisa to do an intuitive card reading.  She spoke my truth, with eloquence and grace:  

Each card was relatable to my past

and current journey.  I found a deeper awareness, and I feel inspired and hopeful. I found a sense of peace."

- Wendy A.

Menominee Falls, WI

Psychic / Intuitive Readings

for People and Pets

You are an eternal Soul on a life journey with a purpose!  It is this Soul within you, and Spirit around you, that works with me, using color and through the oracle cards, to bring you messages

of insight, guidance, potential, and healing.  

I have trained with some of the world's most recognized psychics and mediums from The

Arthur Findlay College, and more, to develop

my intuitive gifts.  I am honored to be able to

share them with you ​(and your animals ) to

help you understand and align with that which

is calling you at this time in your life.

Life Path Reading: Color and Soul   

45 Minutes / $75  


Soul Color Reading:  20 minutes / $35

 I HIGHLY Recommend It...


"Lisa’s Soul Color Reading was remarkable!  It’s incredible how accurate the colors were (and the descriptions about what those colors meant regarding my characteristics!)  It was enlightening to hear about the characteristics that I was born with, and that are just a part of me, and then also the colors that described what I was moving into in my present life.  I was SO impressed with what I learned, that I gifted a Soul Color Reading to a friend, which was also very revealing and fascinating!  This really helps you gain clarity about yourself and also what you are moving into in your life.”  

- Alice D. , Columbus, N.C.

Lisa Brown Animal Communication
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