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Note:  I am not a veterinary medical doctor. Any health- related messages conveyed to you should be addressed with a vet or other licensed animal healthcare practitioner before taking any action. 

How Does It Work? 

Animals communicate telepathically; they are talking amongst themselves and with us all the time on

an information superhighway, yet most of the time we are too caught up in our own thoughts and activities to hear them.  Imagine animal communication as

akin to airwaves that transmit news and music to

our radios. The radio station is ready and waiting for us to receive its broadcasts, but if we aren’t tuned in to that particular frequency or channel, we can’t

hear it. It works the same way with animals.

Anyone can learn to communicate with animals.

How Lisa receives the messages:

I receive information from the animals in many different forms: Sometimes I see pictures or

“film clips”, of what they are trying to tell me, and sometimes I feel their feelings or physical symptoms as if they were my own. Often I hear their voices

in my mind or get words with eccentric accents or with their unique sense of humor, as if they were speaking like humans. And sometimes I’ll just get a sense of “knowing” that I cannot readily explain except to call it an intuitive sense.  Each session is unique. 

I am very comfortable using photographs to communicate with animals because there is less distraction. Since animals send and receive information telepathically, I don’t need to be present to work with them. This includes animals who have passed: The communication channel is accessible even after an animal is no longer living, and they continue to have messages to share with us.

Willingness and the ability to communicate clearly can also vary with the individual animal  (think of how people’s communication styles and abilities differ from one other!) and with the energy of the human household. Once in a while an animal will say "no" or “not right now” to communication or healing touch and I must honor that and try again later.  Lastly, receiving accurate information depends upon where my own head is at; I can’t hear their thoughts if my own mind is full of chatter and turbulence.