Integrative Medicine For Pets

A Virtual  Event

Saturday November 14th


Featuring World-Wise Presenters:

  • Dr. Allen Schoen, Holistic Vet and Founder of CALM 

  • Dr. Eric Pearl founder of "Reconnective Healing"

  • Linda Tellington founder of Tellington TTouch Method 

  •  Lisa Brown of Best Day Healing Animal Communication

  • and MORE!


A Virtual Learning Series

November 19 / December 3, 10, and 12 2020

Learn to telepath with animals.

Discover Your Unique Style.

Build a Bridge.

Transform relationships! 

Student Testimonials:


"I fully enjoyed the class and the people in it. This is the first time in a long time that I was in a group with others who wanted to know more about this subject. I had so much fun and learned a ton...the best Saturday in a very long time."


-Liz B-G., New Berlin, WI

"I have always been intrigued by the gift of animal communication that others have been given, but I was a bit leery when considering that I too could find that gift. I'm so glad I was curious enough to sign up for Lisa's class. 

It was an amazing process of starting 

to find my unique way to converse 

with animals, and it was so helpful 

to be present as other people attending the class began unwrapping their gifts as well. Lisa did an amazing job of sharing her experiences, and coaching, and supporting each class participant as we took our first steps on this new path in our lives."


-Sarah D.

Milwaukee, WI

Level One student, Russ, brought St. Francis of Assisi, the Saint and Animal Communicator, to help me teach the introductory AC class.

Advanced Animal Communication*

Coming Soon TBA

  • Our Pets as Our Mirrors

  • Soul Journeys With Our Animals

  • Tracking Lost Animals and Remote Viewing

  • Wild Species

  • Animals in Spirit

  • Meet Your Spirit Animal Totems / Guides

*Prerequisite: Basic Animal Communication or Equivalent Study