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 Loved Ones

in Spirit



Energy Healing 

& Healing Intuition

 for Animals

Reviews & Stories

 "I give her "four paws up!" ****

 - Amelia kInkade ,

The Language of Miracles Institute  


"Lisa helped me recognize that my

pets are more enormous and enlightened 

beings than I ever imagined possible.

She transformed my relationship with my pets and all animals, and I now observe their behavior in a much more expanded and intelligent way." 

                        - Rick Schaeffer, MD

    Author of "Extreme Thought Makeover"

“Lisa’s counsel was wise, brilliant, and full of heart-felt compassion. She was particularly insightful about the life/spiritual lessons that my 2 dogs offer me their love to work out with them.

-Dr. Barry Taylor, N.D. 

Love Your Body

"Lisa gave me unique insights into what my dogs needed to be happy and healthy, and she did it all from a distance. She has a special talent and I would recommend her to anyone with a pet."

- Rachel B.

 Clive, IA

"I was struggling to make a necessary decision to rehome my dog.  As you can imagine, it was agony even to think about that I was NOT the home my dog needed to be in.


Lisa helped me through this decision, as well as communicated with two past loved ones who have been very present in my life.  She is worth her weight in gold."

                                                               -Lori M

                                                                Racine, WI