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Furry Dog

Finding Lost Animals

As an Animal Communicator I have had successes with finding lost animals.

While I cannot guarantee that I will find your animal, I can provide you with as much information and detail to go on,  to either assist them in finding their way home, or to help you know where to begin to look for them.

The Process

This is a 75 min. custom service which requires a lot of focus on my part, and a clear understanding on your part of the structure of the 3 parts:

1.  Initial intake conversation / 15 - 20 minutes / Via telephone or Zoom

2.  I will communicate with your animal  remotely to gather as many details as possible from them, and to provide the directional arrows to move in.  


My "tools of the trade" include direct animal communication with your animal,  various techniques to understand their physical condition and how they are feeling, remote viewing, and the use of a map and pendulum to find the "hot spot" of where to look for them.  (This is quantum physics!)

Please provide me with the details:

1.  Name, Breed, Sex, and Age of the animal.

2.  A detailed description in addition to a photo (if possible) with their eyes facing the camera.

3.  The address or location where they went missing.

4.  Are they wearing tags?  A collar?  What color?

5.  Are they familiar with being outdoors?

6.  Have they run off or left home before?  Is this a pattern?

7.  What was going on?  Were there any changes, disturbances, or unusual events happening?

8.  Do I need to be aware of any disability or limitation they might be dealing with?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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