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Lisa Brown Animal Communicator
Lisa Brown Animal Communicator
Princess Cat / Lisa Brown Animal Communicator
 Lisa Brown Whale Watching
My Story

Like many of you, I fell in love with animals at a young age.

My fourth grade teacher even let me wear a live pet

chameleon on my shirt collar to school!  I spent my summers

with the feral cats, pigs, and cows on my Grandparent's farm.

In college I pursued art, clothing design, foreign languages,

and dance, but took a diVINE detour with a long and successful career in the goal-driven, 24/7 environment of the wine and spirits wholesale trade. I fine-tuned my senses as a Certified Sommelier, while traveling the globe tasting wine. As an

outlet for stress, I started practicing yoga and meditation,

and in 2005 I completed certification training to teach yoga.

I Got A Cold

The shift was in motion:  On a yoga retreat in a remote

village of India, I was introduced to the healing wisdom of Ayurveda after getting ferociously sick with a chest cold.

An Ayurvedic remedy quickly relieved my suffering, and

I returned to the US eager to learn all I could about this

ancient holistic medicine that had healed me so naturally.

In 2014, I became certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner from Kanyakumari Ayurveda in Glendale, Wisconsin. After an arduous internship, my next intention was to open a practice.

I Got A Cat

But Life had another plan.  I'm fond of saying I was rescued

by a wise old teacher cat named Princess who came to live

with me.  When I reached out to a local animal communicator for help in better understanding her needs, Princess shared that it was possible for me to talk with animals, too, and that she was going to be my teacher.  Say whaaat?!

The special relationship with Princess not only healed and opened my heart, it unexpectedly switched the animal

channel back on.  I began to receive the thoughts and

feelings of animals, and a whole new world cracked open!

I Found A Calling

Who would have imagined that getting a cold and a cat

would so dramatically shift the trajectory of my life?  It was

not at all what I had "planned."  But this is how spirit works!

I left the known path of sales to pursue the path of

my Soul: Helping others heal with Animal and Spirit Communication, Holistic Healing, and Ayurveda. I learn something new from each animal and spirit I work with,

while Ayurveda provides a template for living well.

Harmony, Greater Health, and Divine Purpose are available

to each and every one of us when we learn to listen, live in tune with the animals and the natural cycles of life, and

choose LOVE!

Ayurveda and Lisa
Lisa Brown Spirit Art

Lisa's Animal Spirit Art

Abundant Blessings,


Lisa Brown Animal Communicator / Psychic Medium
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